Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Your Photos.. are YOURS

I just read a blog post by a newly-married bride who, when she wanted to make a scrapbook using her wedding photos, ran into a roadblock with her photographer's contract. Turns out, in addition to tacking on extra fees for the rights to print, the photog's contract forbid her to edit her own wedding photos, crop them, or change them in any way. Unless she paid more, that is. What the heck?

Cory & Monica - Bridesmaids A lot of photographers you'll find will use copyright legalese to make even more money off their clients for just about anything--sharing photos with family, posting them online, or even printing them for personal use. It's a good way for the photog to make extra money (without doing anything), but it's a hassle for the bride and groom, and makes it harder for them to enjoy their photos.

When Philip Michael Photography is your wedding photographer, you don't need to worry about that. Our contract will give you full rights to do as you please with your photos; print, share, post, whatever! Full rights are rolled into my initial booking fee--which is still pretty competitive to other photogs, who are waiting to stick you with more when you're ready to enjoy your pics.

Get beautiful wedding photos--not a headache. Contact me today!

Mike Ensley, owner
Philip Michael Photography

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