Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Path of the Photographer

JulieAs you start getting different details nailed down for your wedding day, it can be very tempting to skimp on the photography. The digital age has vastly increased the number of "amateur" photographers in the world today, and that probably includes someone you know. Some brides forgo hiring a proven professional, and go with a beginner. While the temporary relief of the lower cost comes first, the lackluster result is the lasting impression.

Everybody's Got to Start Somewhere

When I first decided to make the leap from hobbyist to professional, I didn't just offer to try my luck at weddings of friends and family. I didn't want to trust the capturing of their moment to my as yet unproven skill.
Instead, I went to pros I knew who would let me apprentice under them. This meant spending many weekends following along--unpaid--on their wedding gigs and learning the ropes. It meant sitting next to them at their desk and watching as they used the latest software to edit and improve their photos. They didn't depend on me to get their crucial work done, so I didn't feel pressure to do anything but learn.
I didn't solo-shoot my first wedding until I had proven to myself (and my mentors) that I could hold my own on the big day, and deliver.

It's About You

Your wedding day is not a day to do a favor for a fledgling camera enthusiast. Your wedding photos are a lifetime investment, a memory captured in art to be cherished forever. Don't trade the lasting satisfaction of beautiful, high-quality photography for the temporary relief of a reduced cost.
Come check out my website, and see the kind of beautiful pictures you can enjoy at a rate that's very competitive in the wedding photo market.
I can't wait to capture your moment!
- Mike
--> After having a couple friends look back at their wedding with disappointment at not being more selective with their wedding photographer of choice, I knew I wanted the best that I could find...  --> I am absolutely glad I went with Philip Michael Photography.
- Leah, married in April, 2012

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