Monday, February 10, 2014

Describe Your Style

I am often asked to describe my style--and the truth is, I have a hard time doing it! I know what others have said to describe my work. I hear words like "editorial" and "photojournalist" a lot. But what does that mean, particularly for your wedding?


What all the fancy terms and categories boil down to is this: I'm going to really capture you being you. I'm passionate about catching the spontaneous emotions, the true-to-life moments that aren't planned but really define your experience.

Will I still get the standard wedding photos?

Yes, of course! Having a candid, spontaneous style doesn't mean I won't capture all the important formal photos that matter to you and your family. I'm also committed to creatively capturing your ceremony--after all, that's the biggest part of your day!

But as we move through your special day together, I don't want to just be getting the job done. I'm always on the hunt for those unscripted moments that show me who you are and what your relationships really mean to you. These can be the most surprising and memorable photos!

That's what I mean to express in my tagline: "Capture your moment." I'm there to preserve your story, to record what makes your day especially yours.

Don't worry, we'll get awesome photos of you looking your best and posing with the ones you love. You're just also going to get a beautiful spread of storytelling moments captured for you to enjoy forever!

Contact me today and let's talk about capturing your moment!
- Mike, owner

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