Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stress-Proofing Your Wedding Photos

Brides-to-be often struggle with stress in general when it comes to wedding preparation. I consider it a big part of my job as your wedding photographer to take anxiety out of the equation when it comes to your pictures. My catchphrase is "capture your moment," and that means the moment should be enjoyable and worry-free!
Here are just  few of the things I always hope to bring to the table for my brides, to help make the picture-taking a fun and memorable experience.

1. My camera belongs to YOU first and only!
Grandfather of the bride    One of the biggest stress-factors I see is when brides start to worry about what everyone else is going to want at the wedding. This comes up quite often when it comes to the formal portraits. It's wonderful to have a lot of extended family celebrating your marriage with you. Remember that, when it comes to your formal portraits, it's still just about what you want.
   Some brides really desire pictures with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, everyone--and that's awesome! I'm totally game for a plethora of family shots in every conceivable combination. Some brides, on the other hand, aren't that interested in the more structured and formal pictures, and don't want to put in the time and effort to pose again and again right after they've tied the knot.
   It's up to you, period. And as your wedding photographer, I'm on your side no matter what. If you feel like nixing a lot of the formal portraits will help you relax more on the Big Day, then it's probably a good idea. There will still be a lot of opportunities for fun, candid shots with the people you love during your reception.

2. Your photos will be unique and unpredictable.
   It's a great idea to look through other wedding albums and get an idea of how you want your photos to look. Don't be afraid of taking an idea someone else has tried and running with it. Your photos will still be unique, because you are unique and so is your wedding.
Will & Samantha's Wedding    Ryan & Leah's wedding party did the perfect jump-shot--which was particularly impressive considering their party was so huge. Many brides since have been inspired to do something similar. But you know what? It never looks the same, and that's a good thing. You can't help but bring your own personality to a photo.
     And then sometimes shots like that can't be in the cards. Things like wardrobe, location, or simply a lack of athletic coordination may prevent a "jump" photo. But that isn't even close to the only idea out there. And I love being adventurous and creative; I'll try anything and everything. Here's proof =).
   Think about what's best for your group, your location, your theme. Feel free to send me ideas anytime in the weeks leading up to your wedding. I love brainstorming with you!

3. Commit to be yourself.
Sara      Planning is important, but there's a point when you've done all the planning you can do (and probably more). You'll find that the Day arrives soon enough, and it rolls right on despite everything we have in place to control events. I've seen all kinds of mistakes and mishaps, from forgotten rings and late grooms to music malfunctions and chicken that had to be sent back. And it's never the end of the world--ever.
     You can take good steps to ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable day, but you can never fool-proof your wedding. You're the main character in this story, but not the Writer. The best thing you can do is realize what this Day is--it's not a perfectly planned and executed event, micromanaged to the nth degree; it's the celebration of the first day being married to the love of your life. Focus on that.
     What does that have to do with the photos? Simple: people who have joy can't take a bad photo.

Contact me anytime. I can't wait to capture your moment!
Mike, owner
Philip Michael Photography

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