Friday, September 6, 2013

When you have been to as many weddings as I have, you start to notice themes that, despite the diversity of people and celebrations you encounter, seem to weave themselves into every story.

Just recently I was meeting with a young couple who were newly engaged, and now planning their wedding. The bride-to-be was very excited about all the details, yet in a carefree way that told me she's going to be the most fun kind of bride to work with. Her fiancee sat through most of the meeting as grooms often do (if they decide to come at all), with a quiet, contented smile, not seeming concerned with a single thing that was happening.

One might ask, "Doesn't he care at all? Shouldn't he be more engaged?" Conversely, some might worry about the bride; "Is she trying to do too much? Will she stress herself out?"

Such things can be true for couples preparing for their nuptials, but even then it's only a few degrees askew from the happy balance these two have found--one of my favorite things about the best romances.

You see, It was pretty plain to me that the bride, being so in love, found joy and excitement in planning the details so that everything might reflect in its own way the happiness she's feeling. I also realized the groom's apparent nonchalance, while in contrast to his future wife's disposition, expressed the same thing. He is so in love that everything is already perfect to him; he is content to watch the details play out because, in her, his celebration is already complete.

It was such a great picture to me of the beautiful complimentary balance that a husband and wife can find together! They each enjoy the adventure of their wedding in their own unique way, while also each drawing the other into a new way of seeing things. For some couples, this can be a dissonant contrast, but not for those whose eyes truly are on each other--as was the case with these two.

I'm really looking forward to capturing their moment!

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