Saturday, August 24, 2013

7 Common Wedding Myths Debunked!

From Every Last Detail:
In my years in the wedding industry – as a bride and a professional- I’ve seen the same wedding myths perpetuated over and over. Online, in magazines, on Facebook- everywhere! Honestly, it drives me absolutely nuts, because not only are they wrong, but it’s those same wedding myths that had me jaded when I was planning my own wedding.

Wedding Myth: “Things will cost more if you tell vendors it’s a wedding.”
This is something that is absolutely WRONG. Sure, weddings cost a pretty penny. But it’s because they involved tons of products and services, and quite frankly, people can’t work for free. Beyond that though, a wedding is a special day- it’s not just any other party that you would throw on a weekend. And you treat it with a higher regard than you would a birthday party- so of course you want the vendors involved to treat it better than that too!

Wedding Myth: “I can’t afford a wedding planner or coordinator- they cost too much.”
I felt this same way. But then I actually inquired with a planner, and I realized that planners weren’t as expensive as I thought they were! Don’t let the stereotype of the planners that you see in movies and on TV cloud your judgement about hiring a planner. Sure, there are some expensive, amazing planners, but there are lots of planners out there- someone is bound to have a service option that is perfect for you! Plus, just think about the stress and time that a planner will save you- not to mention potentially the money they will save you too! Friends, it’s totally worth it, and they really don’t cost too much!

Wedding Myth: “My friend can do ________. I don’t need to hire someone.” (Anything could go in the blank.)
Here’s the thing- if it was the normal and a successful thing to have your friend do XYZ, there wouldn’t be professionals doing it! And there most likely wouldn’t be amazing weddings likes the ones you see here on ELD and everywhere else. In my experience having a friend do a professional’s job almost never works out- unless they ARE a professional who truly is your friend. So save your friendship, and hire the professional who knows what they’re doing.

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