Sunday, October 28, 2012

Whose photos are they, anyway?

A great wedding photographer is a worthwhile investment. Many of them, however, will keep you paying long after you've said your vows. Mom and Dad will want copies of the photos--and guess what? There's an extra fee for the rights to share. Need more prints? You'll need to pay more for a print release.

A lot of these photogs will say these fees protect their work, but really it's a better way to get more of your money after you've been lured in with a slightly lower booking fee.

Not so with Philip Michael Photography! My up-front booking fee has no strings attached. I'll deliver your photos on disc (with super-fast turnaround time!) and then they're yours. Print, share, do whatever. I'm not going to charge you extra for the right to keep and enjoy your wedding pictures.

Contact me today for a no-pressure consultation!

Chloe & Todd Album
Chloe & Todd Page
Custom album pages by Philip Michael Photo. Watermark does not appear on actual album.

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